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Books donated by publishers to libraries

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While libraries have their own source of funding through interest on deposits and grants from government agencies, one of the major sources of books for these libraries are donations from publishers.
Broadway in Panaji, publishes a large number of books and these books are often donated to the library
Though Cinnamon Teal in Margao mainly specializes in self published books, many of these books are also available at Shree Saraswati Mandir library
The donated books are a good way for the publisher and author to get free reviews for their book, reach a larger audience

Number of books required to start a private library

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Many booklovers are interested in starting their own private library where they combine their passion for books with running a business.
There are also some companies which offer a franchisee for their library services. These companies are expecting the franchise to invest some money in books or use their existing book collection.
The number of books in a private library can vary, however in most cases, they specify that the library should have at least 6000 books
In some cases, it is stipulated that the library will have 10000 books
So in many cases, the person starting a library has to invest a substantial amount of money purchasing books, at least a few lakh rupees

Fees charged by libraries

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Government public libraries usually are free or having a nominal joining fee.
The goa state central library does not charge any fee, however it is not very easily accessible to those who do not visit Patto area, the bus stand
Earlier the goa state central library was located at Menezes Braganza hall, near Azad Maidan in Panaji, goa which was far more accessible.
Some libraries like Shree Saraswati Mandir library in Panaji, Goa are run by a non profit and charge Rs 500 as a joining fee
Members are also expected to return the books in time, or they will be charged a fine.
The fees for libraries in metro cities, private libraries and those offering home delivery are often higher, however people in metro cities make far more money

Restrictions on mobile phone usage in libraries

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Most of the libraries in panaji, goa are very strict in asking all people in the library, not use their mobile phone for making and receiving phone calls
If a person will receive a phone calls, and takes the phone call, the staff will immediately go to the person and ask him to leave the room.
They still consider the library to be a place where people should be allowed to read in peace

Information on any libraries which allow members or users to talk on phone in the premises will be appreciated

Libraries for increasing book sales

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In India there are a large number of authors who find it difficult to find buyers for their books
One of the easiest ways to increase book sales is by contacting the libraries
There are a large number of libraries who get grants from the government and other charities
Authors can increase the sales of their books by approaching libraries as they have the necessary funds.
The Raja Rammohan Roy trust also supplies books to libraries
For details of libraries which purchase books of authors send an email.

Most famous book reviewers have a large library

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Reading and reviewing a book is very time consuming, and the person reading the book is doing the writer a favor reviewing the book, especially if the author is not very famous
So authors who are trying to get reviews of their book are willing to send a complimentary copy of the book for review.
after the book is read, it is added to the private library of the reviewer.
Anuradha Goyal, has mentioned that books sent to her will be added to her library and others have also mentioned the same.

Reading, language skills, and beauty of women

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It appears that the decreased demand for english books is because the irrational regressive narrow minded local intelligence and security agency employees especially in panaji, goa decide that the education level, english skills, income of a person, especially a woman depends exclusively on how good looking and fashionable a woman is.

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Demand for english and regional language books, magazines

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In panaji, goa it appears that the number of english speaking people using the library has greatly reduced in the last decade, and hardly anyone is spotted getting an english book issued.

This could be because of the google, tata masterminded memory reading experiment of ntro, why waste time for reading books, when ntro is stealing the memory of those who read books without their permission for the relatives and friends of ntro employees .

However there is a lot of demand for books in the local languages, and a large number of books are added to the library and being issued.

As indian government agencies are openly involved in identity theft, private libraries close

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As the endless frauds, corruption and lies of indian government agencies who are openly involved in identity theft rackets, especially on those with good english written skills becomes well know , increasingly parents are realizing that having good written english skills is not valued in indian society, and are no longer forcing their children to read a lot.
A few decades ago, indian society was more honest, humane and would recognize the person who had good english writing skills . however google, tata are involved
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Earlier good written english skills were recognized, and children were encouraged to borrow books from libraries and improve their language skills. Nowadays everyone knows that written language skills are no longer valued in India, so very few people are becoming members of private libraries, especially with english books. So many of these private libraries are shutting down, as it is no longer economically viable.

Library borrowing options

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Most of the older libraries specify that their members personally visit the library and select the book which they want and return the book after reading it.
However the newer libraries, often have a website, and allow members to select the books which they want online.
These libraries then arrange for the books to be delivered to the home of the member
This home delivery option is feasible in large cities where the population density is high
After the specified period, the book is then collected from the home of the borrower, and a new book is delivered.