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Libraries for increasing book sales

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In India there are a large number of authors who find it difficult to find buyers for their books
One of the easiest ways to increase book sales is by contacting the libraries
There are a large number of libraries who get grants from the government and other charities
Authors can increase the sales of their books by approaching libraries as they have the necessary funds.
The Raja Rammohan Roy trust also supplies books to libraries
For details of libraries which purchase books of authors send an email.

Reading, language skills, and beauty of women

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It appears that the decreased demand for english books is because the irrational regressive narrow minded local intelligence and security agency employees especially in panaji, goa decide that the education level, english skills, income of a person, especially a woman depends exclusively on how good looking and fashionable a woman is.

So though the cbi employee eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, obc slut sunaina, and others cannot write well in english, the shameless section 420 fraud NTRO, CBI employees give these good looking semiliterate housewives and frauds, credit and a monthly indian government salary making fake claims about their writing skills

On the other hand the middle aged woman who is actually writing the content is viciously defamed in panaji, goa with 10 mediocre lazy greedy google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees falsely claiming to own her paypal, bank account.

Demand for english and regional language books, magazines

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In panaji, goa it appears that the number of english speaking people using the library has greatly reduced in the last decade, and hardly anyone is spotted getting an english book issued.

This could be because of the google, tata masterminded memory reading experiment of ntro, why waste time for reading books, when ntro is stealing the memory of those who read books without their permission for the relatives and friends of ntro employees .

However there is a lot of demand for books in the local languages, and a large number of books are added to the library and being issued.

Library location and popularity

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In most places in India, the local government is providing funds to the libraries and so government libraries are completely free for residents of the area.However the location of the library also determines how many people use it.

For example most people will not prefer a library which is far away from their home, as they have to spend time and money commuting to the library, which most busy people are unable to do.

Some private libraries may charge a joining fee and/or a fee for each book, or monthly fee. They may also get a grant from the government as part of the program to encourage the reading habit among people.

Libraries, reading and language skills

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Though panaji, has relatively few opportunities offline and online compared to large metro cities, it has a number of completely free well stocked free libraries which are accessible.

So if a person is really interested in improving his or her english language skills, they can become a member of the library and read the books for free, spending some time to do so.

However the google, tata sponsored lazy fraud goan and other indian intelligence agency employees do not want to take any effort, do any work online at all, they only on the shameless cunning fraud powerful ntro, cbi, google, tata employees to make completely fake claims about online work, to defame, cheat and exploit the google competitor since 2010

google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/cbi emmployees like shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar do not like reading

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Some of the main masterminds of identity theft fraud hathwar, j srinivasan, thought that they could use software to replicate the written english skills of the google competitor and also got their mediocre lazy fraud relative shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar a lucrative R&AW job with fake resume, fake investment, fake online work at the expense of the google competitor.

However these frauds and other masterminds failed to realize their relatives and girlfriends are least interested in reading as it is very time consuming and so have poor written english language skills. Reading is also very time consuming that tata, google role models are too busy keeping their house clean, enjoying themselves, exercising to remain fit, grooming themselves to find time for reading.

To write well, a person should also read a lot, which the pampered lazy greedy google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees are least interested in doing, as google, tata, ntro employees have promised to make them very rich and powerful without any effort. If the google, tata sponsored fraud indian intelligence employees were really interesting in working hard, they would have achieved a lot on their own, without resume theft, because they are well connected and do not have powerful enemies like the google competitor.

At present though farmers are dying all over india, the indian government is wasting Rs 3 crore annually since 2010 to reduce the income of the google competitor to zero, so that she agrees to identity theft.

Human cloning and language skills

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One of the most incredible aspects of the google, tata , NTRO masterminded identity theft fraud attempt on a google competitor which started in 2010 and resulted in the wastage of a huge amount of indian tax payer money, is that top officials who masterminded the fraud had extremely poor judgement, greatly underestimating a brilliant single woman obc engineer who had a better 1989 JEE rank than google ceo sundar pichai and greatly overestimating the google, tata sponsored goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other lazy greedy mediocre fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees to pay all these frauds a monthly indian government salary.

It is extremely unfortunate that the indian government is giving great powers to top officials who are extremely poor judges of competence, work ethic and experience resulting in problems all over India. Just because NTRO has access to sophisticated memory reading equipment and can steal the memory of any indian citizen without their permission, their employees have become extremely arrogant and are overconfident that they can clone anyone.

However these arrogant cruel ntro employees fail to realize that memory is a small aspect of the person, there are other aspects which are far more important, like the work ethic, language skills, risk taking ability, personal value systems, which cannot be easily replicated