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I Just Met My Girlfriend’s Grandfather

When I started to date Sarah I just thought that she was really attractive, or words to that effect which I would not commit to the printed word. I found out she was smart soon after that, and she certainly did not fall for my charms like some drunken sorority girl. Of course I met her at a sorority party and she was not sober, but she was not drunk either and she was not in a hurry. I soon found out that she was a master of the era of bitcoin, she was not even in college. She is a wealth management adviser or whatever is above that, working for her grandfather. I met him about three or four months later. The guy lives in a palace with a woman about thirty years younger than he is. Sarah calls her the Gold Digger of the Year, apparently he goes through them regularly and eventually they all realize that he is not exactly a sucker when it comes to that.

At any rate this guy talks about Sarah as though she were the greatest thing to ever walk and breath on the planet Earth, especially in comparison to her father whom he is far less enamored with. He can not stop bragging about how smart he was to listen to her when she explained that bitcoin was a great investment and then again when she told him that it was a good time to cash in before the price crashed. She apparently timed it so that they sold the stuff near the peak, then bought it again after it bottomed out. Then he taught me how to drive this enormous boat that he bought with some of his profits from all this. We took it to a marina and he put around six hundred dollars worth of gas in the behemoth.