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Nanak Hut library at Tikri border

From Times of India, during the farmers protest libraries have started in multiple places on the delhi border, as citizens want to find out their rights
One of the libraries managed by Gurpreet Singh is the Nanak Hut library at Tikri border
The library has books on
Bhagat Singh
Shiv Verma
Kartar singh Sarabha
Ram Udasi

Till 2005, almost all indian citizens, especially those who were well educated were not denied their fundamental rights openly
Yet in the last decade, bribed by corrupt GREEDY DISHONEST indian tech, internet companies allegedly led by google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi employees are ruthless in their fraud on indian citizens, brazenly and openly involved in SKILLS, FINANCIAL FRAUD, TRADE SECRET ROBBERY, criminal defamation and labor law violations of harmless citizens including the domain investor, leading to protests
For example the greedy goan, sindhi scammer raw/cbi employees siddhi mandrekar, robber riddhi nayak caro, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, her lazy fraud sisters piyu, purvi, cousin teji, sindhi school dropout naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil do not spend any money on domains, do any computer work, yet they are involved in TRADE SECRET ROBBERY, and falsely claim to ownwebsites to get a monthly government salary at the expense of the domain investor

I Just Met My Girlfriend’s Grandfather

When I started to date Sarah I just thought that she was really attractive, or words to that effect which I would not commit to the printed word. I found out she was smart soon after that, and she certainly did not fall for my charms like some drunken sorority girl. Of course I met her at a sorority party and she was not sober, but she was not drunk either and she was not in a hurry. I soon found out that she was a master of the era of bitcoin, she was not even in college. She is a wealth management adviser or whatever is above that, working for her grandfather. I met him about three or four months later. The guy lives in a palace with a woman about thirty years younger than he is. Sarah calls her the Gold Digger of the Year, apparently he goes through them regularly and eventually they all realize that he is not exactly a sucker when it comes to that.

At any rate this guy talks about Sarah as though she were the greatest thing to ever walk and breath on the planet Earth, especially in comparison to her father whom he is far less enamored with. He can not stop bragging about how smart he was to listen to her when she explained that bitcoin was a great investment and then again when she told him that it was a good time to cash in before the price crashed. She apparently timed it so that they sold the stuff near the peak, then bought it again after it bottomed out. Then he taught me how to drive this enormous boat that he bought with some of his profits from all this. We took it to a marina and he put around six hundred dollars worth of gas in the behemoth.

selfish robber raw employee siddhi mandrekar, greedy goan bhandari sunaina chodan expects their fraud victim to write excellent reviews for books in the library

One of the most shocking aspects of the FINANCIAL FRAUD, the labor law violations in the indian tech, internet sector which are worse than those at the Wistron Iphone factory or elsewhere, is how the selfish greedy raw/cbi employees expect their fraud victim not to complain, quietly tolerate all the cheating, exploitation and financial fraud
For example Greedy selfish fraud robber raw employee siddhi mandrekar, goan bhandari sunaina chodan do not allow anyone to contact the single woman engineer, domain investor she is impersonating,so that their identity theft is not exposed. Instead siddhi and her associates are listing/diverting the books which they have stolen in the library where the domain investor is a member.

These google, tata sponsored greedy goan raw/cbi employees then expect the domain investor to write high quality reviews for the books she borrows from the library, so that the greedy fraud selfish google, tata sponsored lazy greedy raw/cbi employees can falsely claim credit for the review without spending any time at all.

However, like the factory workers who are upset that they are not paid the dues, the domain investor is also extremely unhappy with the fraud on her since 2010, and uses every opportunity to complain about the financial fraud, computer work fraud, correspondence theft especially in panaji,goa, including reviews for books borrowed from library

Only new marathi books available in panaji library

Since ntro, raw, cbi are extremely ruthless in their fraud on english writers in india, especially if they older and ugly, almost no one is interested in reading english books
Most of the library members are borrowing marathi books regularly since ntro, raw, cbi do not harass, cheat, exploit and defame marathi writers.
So now only new marathi books are being ordered, there were no new english books in the display cupboard when checked in october 2020

Reading room in library has opened, yet few are aware of it

Though the reading room in a panaji library has opened, yet few are aware of it, since it was closed for a few months.
Hence the library is largely deserted with almost no people reading the magazines and newspapers
The reading section is good for those who have walked continuously for many hours, and require a place to sit for some time.
Unlike other places, in panaji, there are almost no public benches or seats, where people can sit outdoors if they are tired.

An Extraordinary Life: A Biography of Manohar Parrikar book available in library

If anyone does not have funds to purchase the biography of Manohar Parrikar, An Extraordinary Life: A Biography of Manohar Parrikar
by Sadguru Patil, Mayabhushan Nagvenkar , it is available in some of the panaji libraries
The library has two or three copies of the book, and does not charge any fee for borrowing books
The book is highly recommended for its excellent coverage of politics, police,corruption, betrayal and casteism in goa
kindly that google, tata sponsored greedy fraud raw/cbi employees like gujju stock broker asmita patel, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, riddhi nayak caro, siddhi mandrekar, panaji sindhi scammer school dropout naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, nayanshree hathwar, indore robber deepika, mba hr ruchika kinge, are not associated with the website in any way, since they do not pay domain renewal fees, spend time writing, though the indian and goa, karnataka, maharashtra, haryana, madhya pradesh governments are making fake claims since 2010, to get them raw/cbi salaries at the expense of the real domain investor because these greedy fraud women have HONEY TRAPPED top ntro/raw employees into MAKING FAKE CLAIMS causing a loss of Rs 15 lakh annually to the real domain investor since 2010

Reading room remained closed in July

There was a major increase in the number of covid-19 cases in goa in July 2020
Hence the reading room in most libraries remained closed.
Most of these libraries are airconditioned, so spending time in the room could lead to infection
However, citizens could borrow any book, and return it.

Panaji library closes reading room after covid cases rise

Till mid June there were comparatively few covid cases in goa, so the libraries were functioning normally for one month. However after June 15, there was a major increase in the number of covid cases in goa.
So the libraries were told to close their reading rooms , only books could be taken or returned

R&AW/cbi sent their associate to library to find non-existent proof against domain investor

R&AW,cbi extremely prejudiced against single woman domain investor, wasting a huge amount of taxpayer money to frame her
One of the most shocking aspects of the identity theft is how R&AW/cbi are wasting a huge amount of money to frame the domain investor, find non-existent proof against her
Unlike the 10 google, tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree, the domain investor is a prolific reader, which is one of the reasons why she can make some money writing.
Yet cbi, ntro, raw are so blinded by their hatred of the domain investor, that they refuse to admit that she is a member of a library, only because she likes reading and can access books which she may not be able to purchase
So when the domain investor went to the library in May to return the books she borrowed after the lockdown was partly ended in goa, cbi/raw immediately sent their associate to the library to find non-existent proof against the domain investor. Just as the domain investor entered the library, their associate also reached it.

This clearly shows the lack of professionalism of raw/cbi, even after wasting Rs 50 crore of taxpayer money since 2010, they fail to acknowledge the fact that the domain investor is a prolific reader, writer, and is making money online, mainly because of her writing.

No information about library opening

The domain investor is a member of a library in panaji.
She has to return some books, yet she found that the library is closed when she last visited it.
Due to the covid-19 lockout, there is no public transport, and the domain investor has to walk long distances
Walking 5-6 km is very tiring, especially in April, yet this is the only way to find out whether the library is open, no one is picking up the phone

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