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selfish robber raw employee siddhi mandrekar, greedy goan bhandari sunaina chodan expects their fraud victim to write excellent reviews for books in the library

One of the most shocking aspects of the FINANCIAL FRAUD, the labor law violations in the indian tech, internet sector which are worse than those at the Wistron Iphone factory or elsewhere, is how the selfish greedy raw/cbi employees expect their fraud victim not to complain, quietly tolerate all the cheating, exploitation and financial fraud
For example Greedy selfish fraud robber raw employee siddhi mandrekar, goan bhandari sunaina chodan do not allow anyone to contact the single woman engineer, domain investor she is impersonating,so that their identity theft is not exposed. Instead siddhi and her associates are listing/diverting the books which they have stolen in the library where the domain investor is a member.

These google, tata sponsored greedy goan raw/cbi employees then expect the domain investor to write high quality reviews for the books she borrows from the library, so that the greedy fraud selfish google, tata sponsored lazy greedy raw/cbi employees can falsely claim credit for the review without spending any time at all.

However, like the factory workers who are upset that they are not paid the dues, the domain investor is also extremely unhappy with the fraud on her since 2010, and uses every opportunity to complain about the financial fraud, computer work fraud, correspondence theft especially in panaji,goa, including reviews for books borrowed from library