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CBI desperately trying to make up fake money laundering stories in the library to cover up their BANKING FRAUD for ten years

Due to the lack of support of the bhandari leaders and officials from karwar/kumta, the domain investor had to tolerate criminal defamation for the last ten years by R&AW/cbi/ntro and security agencies without any proof

The domain investor is mainly making money because she is a prolific writer, domain investor, and managing a large number of websites alone, and there are others in India, like daniel webar, kulwant negi who are making money from exactly the same websites like iwriter, ad networks
Yet indicating the complete lack of professionalism and honesty in ntro, raw, cbi, they refuse to acknowledge that the domain investor, writer is making money legally for the last ten years, instead wasting crores of taxpayer money desperately trying to frame her
Like most people who write, the domain investor is also a prolific reader, to increase her vocabulary and improve her writing style, so she is a member of a library in panaji. yet it appears that cbi has a one track mind, they are making up fake stories of money laundering in the library
So on 24 February, 2020, when the domain investor went to the library, it was almost deserted due to the fake rumors being spread. The domain investor was tired after walking in panaji, so she took a copy of india today for reading
In that magazine on the letters page, on a piece of paper she found a formula for money laundering written on it , indicating how ruthless the officials are in trying to frame her.

This indicates the lack of professionalism in the indian intelligence agencies, they refuse to admit that the domain investor is making money legally and desperately try to frame her for more than 10 years, just because she has a relative in the united states who is not linked to her in any way professionally,.