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Library in Mapusa closed

Public libraries are convenient since purchasing many papers and magazines, is very expensive
Compared to Panaji, in Mapusa there appears to be no free library.
The media reported that the Athaide library was closed in September 2019
Most young people are not fond of reading, however many retired people are spending their time in the library reading.
The media carried news of how senior citizens found the library closure inconvenient

Libraries are a good place to rest after walking for a long time

Since the domain investor does not have any vehicle due to radiation torture and correspondence theft in panaji, goa, she is forced to walk long distances daily when she has any work. She feels very tired sometimes and wishes to rest, being seated.
One of the few places where she can rest for some time is a library where she can rest, reading a magazine or newspaper
So this is a major advantage of being a library member, it a place for resting after walking or standing for more than one hour.