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R&AW/cbi sent their associate to library to find non-existent proof against domain investor

R&AW,cbi extremely prejudiced against single woman domain investor, wasting a huge amount of taxpayer money to frame her
One of the most shocking aspects of the identity theft is how R&AW/cbi are wasting a huge amount of money to frame the domain investor, find non-existent proof against her
Unlike the 10 google, tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree, the domain investor is a prolific reader, which is one of the reasons why she can make some money writing.
Yet cbi, ntro, raw are so blinded by their hatred of the domain investor, that they refuse to admit that she is a member of a library, only because she likes reading and can access books which she may not be able to purchase
So when the domain investor went to the library in May to return the books she borrowed after the lockdown was partly ended in goa, cbi/raw immediately sent their associate to the library to find non-existent proof against the domain investor. Just as the domain investor entered the library, their associate also reached it.

This clearly shows the lack of professionalism of raw/cbi, even after wasting Rs 50 crore of taxpayer money since 2010, they fail to acknowledge the fact that the domain investor is a prolific reader, writer, and is making money online, mainly because of her writing.