Most private libraries focus on children and teenagers

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In India, it appears that most private libraries are focussing on children and teenagers, it appears that few adults are members of these libraries
When checking the description of some of the more popular private library chains which are advertised on franchise websites, like franchiseindia, franchisemart, it is observed that almost all the popular libraries are only focussing on children and teenagers

They are explicitly stating that they have the latest books for children and teens
This is because having good english skills, is required for getting good marks in schools, colleges, so parents and teachers encourage children to read a lot.

After they become adults, english language skills do not matter for most professions or people are subjected to identity theft, so few adults are borrowing books from libraries

Free newspapers for reading in Mumbai

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Though there are few free or low cost libraries in North Mumbai, there are many stands where newspapers are available for free. These stands are located in areas where there are many people passing by.
These stands usually have copies of the popular Marathi, Hindi newspapers, only sometimes they have English newspapers
Usually people who are making less money are reading the newspapers, as they can check a number of newspapers without spending any money.
This also is a good form of social service, increasing the number of people who read a newspaper.

Free library with no restrictions in Panaji, Goa

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Compared to larger cities, Panaji has more libraries
One of the more interesting concepts is the open library at the Garcia de Orta garden in Panaji, near the Church Square
Those who started the library have kept a shelf with bookstop painted on it
Unlike other libraries there is no staff to regulate issue of books in the library
Anyone is free to take any book and read it sitting on the benches of the garden
When checked on 7 May 2018, many of the new free books were religious books, related to Bible and Jesus
There were also some free copies of magazines like Outlook.

Google competitor forced to focus on building her private library

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Due to the google, tata sex, bribery racket, financial fraud on the google competitor since 2010, the google competitor and engineer is slowly realizing that the indian internet sector will never recognize the time and money she is spending online
So this has forced the google competitor to focus on offline activities, which these fraud companies and officials are less likely to exploit.
For example if she receives books for review, after the review is over, she can add the book received to her private library, for reference at a later date. She is also purchasing books for the library