Free books for review and borrowing from a library

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Today many authors are willing to send books for review, however reading books for review can be very time consuming especially if they are written in small font. On the other hand, if books are borrowed from a library there is always a deadline for returning the book to the library.

So if there is big backlog for reading books sent for review, the books borrowed from the library have to be reissued repeatedly , which is a waste of time

Give and get using free stuff using freecycle to find items locally.

Library location and popularity

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In most places in India, the local government is providing funds to the libraries and so government libraries are completely free for residents of the area.However the location of the library also determines how many people use it.

For example most people will not prefer a library which is far away from their home, as they have to spend time and money commuting to the library, which most busy people are unable to do.

Some private libraries may charge a joining fee and/or a fee for each book, or monthly fee. They may also get a grant from the government as part of the program to encourage the reading habit among people.